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- Canteen ke prices mein KFC ka great taste… starts @ Rs. 25

February 2012: The hottest adda in town just got better… Your favourite hangout, KFC has introduced exciting new additions to the Streetwise range, starting at just Rs. 25. Dig into the new Hot Veg Snacker or Hot Chicken Snacker as you exchange the hottest goss with your gang; sip on the refreshing Mini Frappe as you share the coolest updates on shopping, movies & sports… all this at unbeatable canteen prices.

Hot stuff on the go… the exciting new additions to the Streetwise range include Hot Chicken Snacker, Hot Veg Snacker and the refreshing Mini Frappe. Priced at Rs 25, the Hot Veg Snacker, made with crunchy chana patty, topped with chili mayo and served with a crisp salad. The Hot Chicken Snacker priced at Rs. 30 is a delicious piece of chicken, topped with spicy chili mayo and served in a soft sesame bun with a crisp salad; and the Mini Frappe, cold coffee done Krushers style is available at Rs. 39.

"Hanging out with friends is the best part of every youngster's life and KFC promises to be the perfect adda with great food at allowance friendly prices. Last year when we launched the campaign we got fantastic response from our consumers. In particular, our share with teens grew by 20%, as a response to the campaign and new menu. Our Streetwise range starts at Rs. 25 plus taxes and with the new menu additions of 2 Hot Snackers and the New Mini Frappe, there are three more reasons to time out at KFC." said, Dhruv Kaul, Director - Marketing KFC India.

Other offerings as part of the Streetwise range are the original Snacker, in both Veg and non Veg avatars at Rs. 25 and Rs. 30 respectively; the Snack Box, a combination of either a piece of KFC's signature chicken or 2 chicken strips and fries at Rs. 55. There is also a wholesome lunch option called 'Rizo' again available in both veg and non veg avatar. The veg Rizo comes with 3 crunchy veg strips served with aromatic rice and gravy at Rs. 89. The chicken Rizo comes with a pc. of KFC signature Chicken served with aromatic rice and gravy. (All prices mentioned are exclusive of taxes)

So whether it's a birthday treat for your gang, a date with someone special, or just a place to hang out when you want to max your allowance, KFC is the new adda.

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